New Choral Music


For this New Sounds, listen to choral music of the British Isles, Armenia, and more, including the Medieval music group, Canty, dubbed “Scotland’s Anonymous 4.” They perform Irish composer Michael McGlynn’s “Lorica,” from a recent release, "Carmina Celtica."  The record features world premieres of nine contemporary works - some written for Canty, commissioned by them, or gifted by the composer.

McGlynn says: "The ‘Lorica' is one of the most spiritually inspiring texts to set in all of Irish literature, part of the celebrated poem known today as "St Patrick's Breastplate." My musical response to this poem takes into account the sonic purity of Canty and harkens back to an age of delicate vocal timbre and set, but fluid musical constraints". It was premiered in St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin.  Also, the all-male choir Chanticleer performs Irish choral composer Michael McGlynn’s setting of the Agnus Dei, (literally “Lamb of God,”) one of the parts of the mass, “And on Earth, Peace.”  And more.

PROGRAM #3118,  New Choral Music   (First aired on 9/22/2010)






Carmina Celtica

McGlynn: Lorica [5:21]

Linn Records CDK 378



McGlynn: Sanctus [3:08]

Danú 001, seems to be out of print, but try


And On Earth, Peace – A Chanticleer Mass

McGlynn: Agnus Dei [9:43]

Warner Classics**. Available in stores and online. Info at

The Haissmavourk Choir

The Music of Armenia, Vol. 1 : Sacred Choral Music

Sirt im sasani (My heart is trembling) [4:38]

Celestial Harmonies 13115

Jan Garbarek The Hilliard Ensemble

Officium Novum

Hays hark [6:24]

ECM 2125

Vladimir Ivanoff & Metamorphosis

Sacred Treasures II, Choral Masterworks from the Sistine Chapel

Gregorio Allegri / Vladimir Ivanoff : Et Secundum [4:37]

Hearts of Space 11112

Musica Intima

Into Light

R. Murray Schaffer: Three Hymns - First Hymn [2:04]
Claude Vivier : Jesus Erbarme Dich [2:51]

Atma Classique  ACD22613

The Choir Of New College Oxford, Edward Higginbottom

MacMillan and His British Contemporaries

J. MacMillan - Ecce Beatam Lucem [5:58]

AVIE Records AV 2085