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Friday, January 06, 2012

Michael Hastings talks about his latest book, which tells the inside story of the American military’s campaign in Afghanistan. Condola Rashad, Rosie Benton, and Tracie Thoms discuss starring in the hit play “Stick Fly.” Tran Anh Hung talks about directing the film “Norwegian Wood,” which is based on the Haruki Murakami’s internationally best-selling novel. And Please Explain is about compulsive hoarding!

Michael Hastings on the Inside Story of America's War in Afghanistan

Michael Hastings, the reporter who wrote a Rolling Stone article that resulted in General Stanley McChrystal McChrystal being fired, discusses the military leaders behind America’s war in Afghanistan. In The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America's War in Afghanistan, Hastings weighs in on the merits and failings of generals and the counterinsurgency experts, and exposes the complexity of a war he fears is unwinnable.

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"Stick Fly"

Condola Rashad, Rosie Benton, and Tracie Thoms discuss the hit play, “Stick Fly.” During what is supposed to be a relaxing vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, two adult sons both decide to introduce their girlfriends to the parents—sibling rivalry flares, opinions clash, and class distinctions divide the family. “Stick Fly” includes original music by Alicia Keys, and is playing at the Cort Theatre.

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“Norwegian Wood”

Tran Anh Hung talks about directing the film “Norwegian Wood,” based on Haruku Murakami’s novel. Set in Tokyo in the late 1960s, it follows Toru Watanabe, who has to choose between two women—and choose between his past and his future. It opens today at IFC Center.


Please Explain: Hoarding

Almost everyone has closets full of stuff, favorite mementos, and expanding collections of books or shoes or spices or hotel shampoos. But sometimes our emotional attachments to stuff can spiral out of control, and people become not just pack rats but compulsive hoarders. Dr. Robin Zasio, therapist who specializes in treating hoarding and other anxiety-related disorders, explains what compulsive hoarding is and how to treat it. She’ll also give advice about how to live a less-cluttered, better-organized life. She’s the author of The Hoarder in You: How to Live a Happier, Healthier, Uncluttered Life.

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pots and pans

Kitchen Essentials

On Thursday, Melissa Clark was on the show to talk about what everyone should definitely have in their kitchen, and which cooking tools and gadgets we can probably do without (listen here). Here’s her list of must-haves:


Things We Learned This Week

The Lopate Show's Week in Review


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