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'Spider-Man' Sets New Weekly Sales Record on Broadway

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The most expensive show on Broadway has set a new record.

"Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" raked in nearly $3 million last week — the highest weekly sales figure in the history of the Great White Way — the producers announced on Tuesday.

"Wicked" held the previous weekly sales record at roughly $2.2 million, which was set in 2011.

The increased sales came in part because "Spider-Man," like many other Broadway productions this year, added a ninth show during the holiday week.

The producers of the musical also increased the average ticket price to $165 compared to $149.50 during a regular week.

"Wicked" is staged at Gershwin Theatre, which has about 100 seats less than "Spider-Man"'s home at Foxwoods Theater. "Wicked"'s record last year was based on eight shows performed rather than nine.

Other productions that increased their number of shows last week included "Wicked," which brought in roughly $2.7 million last week, "The Lion King," which made over $2.4 million, and "Hugh Jackman — Back to Broadway," which did $2.05 million in weekly sales.