Mental Health

Steve Post does everything he can to subvert your mental health in this the penultimate NO SHOW of the present surge. He is joined in his labors by the talented and lovely Emily Levine, who surprises him with a proposal to rehabilitate the Sabbath. The Broken News continues its reportage on incompetent criminals while much of the rest of the show focuses on the criminal incompetence of our financial institutions. Finally, Steve inducts Piedmont Blues guitarist and singer John Cephas into the Musical Necropolis. All in all, not as bad a show as you might think.

Theme: "How Long Blues" - Jimmy Yancey, piano
"One Meatball" - Dave Von Ronk
"Government Money" - Sleepy John Estes
"Folsom Prison Blues" - Johnny Cash
"Discovery of India" -- Ravi Shankar & Aashish Khan
"Losing My Religion" - R.E.M.
"Old Time Religion" - Ben Bowen King
"John Henry" - John Cephas
"Devil Got My Woman" - John Cephas & Phil Wiggins
"Last Fair Deal" -- John Cephas & Phil Wiggins
"The Things I Used to Do" -- John Cephas & Phil Wiggins
"Burn Your Bridges" -- John Cephas & Phil Wiggins