Egg Cream

Steve Post, former fat kid, reveals the secret of the perfect egg cream and the ingredients of the Hoboken in his bid to be picked up by the cooking channel. Paul Krassner joins him to talk about Paul’s interview with swimmer and famous bong-hitter, Michael Phelps, and a high time is had by all. Steve discovers yet more instances of interspecies marriage, and we say goodbye to New Orleans singer-guitarist, Snooks Eaglin.

THEME: “How Long Blues” – Jimmy Yancey, piano
“One Dime Blues” – Blind Lemon Jefferson
“Down and Out Blues” -- Scrapper Blackwell
“Fat and Greasy” – Fats Waller
“Starvation Blues” – Charlie Jordan
“Reefer Song” – Fats Waller
“Sweet Marijuana Brown” – Barney Bigard Sextet
“Torture” – Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
“Mack the Knife” – Louis Armstrong
“Funky Malaguena” – Snooks Eaglin
“I Get the Blues When It Rains” – Snooks Eaglin
“Red Beans” – Snooks Eaglin