Remotely Interesting

Do you know how many remote control devices are in your house and how many buttons they total? Of course not. Not the remotest idea. Who could possible care? Well, Steve Post cares and has done the count. That's how he celebrated Valentine's Day. That and trying to remember whether the New Hampshire Senator's name is Gregg Judd, Judd Gregg, or Judge Dread. All seem wrong, somehow. In other business, Steve hosts Charles Darwin channeler and science writer, Richard Milner, just returned from his triumphal tour of America's college campuses where he presented his one-man show: "Charles Darwin - Alive and in Concert."

PLAYLIST THEME: "How Long Blues" - Jimmy Yancey, piano
"Poor Old Dirt Farmer" - Levon Helm
"WPA Blues" -- Casey Bill Weldon
“Control” – The Vincent Black Shadow
"One Dime Blues" - Etta Baker
"The Old Religion's Better After All" - unknown
"Darwin's Nightmare" - Richard Milner
"Our Love Is Here To Stay" -- Blossom Dearie
"It Might As Well Be Spring" -- Blossom Dearie
"Give Him The Ooh-La-La" -- Blossom Dearie
"My Attorney, Bernie" -- Blossom Dearie
"Chez Moi" -- Blossom Dearie