Mayor Says NYC Marathon Should Foot Police Costs

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg had no apologies for the organizers of the New York City Marathon, who say they have to raise entry fees because the New York City Police Department is going to start charging them for event security.

The mayor said New Yorkers are regularly asked to pay for many services that the general public subsidizes, for example, subway rides.  

"Some people pay with their Metro Card, but they also get taxpayer subsidies, which are paid by people who don't use mass transit, as well as those that do," said Bloomberg.

And when it comes to the police, Bloomberg says the city has to use its resources wisely.

"We would like to have more big events, but at the same time, with a limited budget, the police department's first priority has to be making sure that we keep terrorists from attacking us and keep street crime down," Bloomberg said. "Our objective is to get it to zero."

Bloomberg said charging event organizers for police security is another source of revenue for the city, and he says the city only imposes the costs on event organizers who can sustain the financial cost.  

Entry fees for the marathon have increased about $60, or between 25 to 40 percent, to between $216 and $347, depending on the runner.  

The NYPD did not immediately respond to a request for comment on what events in the city have required private individuals to share security costs.