It's Alive: Herman Cain to Renew Push for '9-9-9'

Yes, yes, yes. For those who felt Cain's absence at the debates and campaign stops this winter, a thaw is coming.

Though he isn't running for president anymore, Herman Cain is reviving his campaign's most popular catchphrase for a major policy push over the next two weeks, just as primary season comes into full bloom.

"I know many of you were disappointed when I chose to suspend my presidential campaign," Cain writes in a new e-mail. "I was disappointed, too. But make no mistake, the mission remains even if I am not seeking the position."

While the e-mail is short on details about Cain's "major new initiative," a blog post from January 1st spells it out clear as ever. "It starts with replacing our dysfunctional and politically manipulated tax code," Cain writes. "You guessed it: Let’s replace it with my 9-9-9 plan."

Herman Cain was back in front of a camera this week on Wednesday night's episode of Hannity; he's launching a bus tour to rally support for "9-9-9" (using the same bus on which he campaigned, and which is emblazoned with a colossal picture of Cain's face); he's drafting legislation to implement "9-9-9" and he hopes to have it before Congress by election day. That means for the foreseeable future, Herman Cain, allegedly well-versed in the art of unsolicited advances, will be making them on the public's attention left and right. Cain's going to get so say "9-9-9" about, oh, nine hundred and ninety-nine more times. And he won't have to answer any questions about Libya while he's doing it.