The Final Pitch in Iowa, by Air and on the Ground

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Mitt Romney signs autographs for a supporter during a campaign stop in Muscatine, Iowa.

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is bookending his final full day of campaigning in Iowa with an early morning gathering in Davenport and a night-time rally in Clive. Texas Congressman Ron Paul is criss-crossing the state with his son, Kentucky Senator and Tea Party favorite Rand Paul. Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is riding his last-minute surge through five final stops in central and eastern Iowa. House Speaker Newt Gingrich is fitting three interviews on national broadcast and cable television between stops to meet voters. And Texas Governor Rick Perry and Minnesota Congressman Michele Bachmann are squeezing in some final handshakes in the hopes they'll bely their low standing in final polls before voting.

All six candidates competing here are also making their case on Iowa airwaves. And at least in the television ads the candidates are putting their names and faces to, it's all positive in their final pitches to Iowa viewers:


Mitt Romney – American Optimism


Ron Paul – Believe


Rick Santorum – Best Chance


Newt Gingrich – Winning the Argument


Rick Perry - Faith


Michele Bachmann – America's Iron Lady