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Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Guantanamo detainee stands in the doorway of his cell. (Getty Images News)

The White House has signaled that the President will not necessarily veto a bill to allow indefinite detentions. Mark Danner, author of Stripping Bare the Body: Politics, Violence, War, explains what may be behind the President's change of heart on the issue. Plus: WNYC's Kathleen Horan on Albany and the livery cabs deal; issues around the appointment of the New Jersey education commissioner; and Henry Louis Gates Jr. on African American history of music.

Taxi Deal

WNYC reporter Kathleen Horan explains the governor-brokered deal to allow livery cabs to pick up street hails, increase medallions and make cabs more accessible to the disabled. Ken Lovett, Albany bureau chief of The Daily News, talks about the impact the taxi deal might have on future city-state negotiations. 

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Washington Gridlock v 2011

Rosalind Helderman, Washington Post Congressional reporter, discusses the showdown over the payroll tax and who stands to win - and lose.

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Gates on African American History, Music and Film

Henry Louis Gates Jr., professor at Harvard University, director of the W.E.B. DuBois Institute for African and African American Research, as well as the author of Life Upon These Shores: Looking at African American History 1513-2008, continues this month's series on African American history. This week: music and popular culture, including Billy Eckstine, Thriller and the television show Roots.

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Indefinite Detention

Mark Danner, contributor to the New York Review of Books and the author of Stripping Bare the Body: Politics, Violence, War, discusses President Obama's shift in opinion about a bill that would allow indefinite detention. Linda Sarsour, director of the Arab American Association of New York, joins the conversation. 

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New Jersey Confirmation Battle

Chris Cerf has yet to be confirmed as New Jersey Education Commissioner. WNYC reporters Nancy Solomon and Bob Hennelly discuss the issues around his appointment.

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Open Phones: Workshopping Your Holiday Stories

Whether you celebrate one of the religious holidays or just a few days off from work, this time of year is a time to gather with friends and family. And chances are there will be lots of the same stories being told at your dinner table.

We open the phones for you to tell that classic family story - or try out a new one. Plus, WNYC reporter Jim O'Grady - a Moth StorySlam and GrandSlam winner - offers advice on how best to tell your tale. Call in with your story 212-433-9692!

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Best of 2011: The Year in (Your) Pictures

There are lots of roundups of the year's best pictures, but we want to do it a little differently.

This year cell phone pictures brought us news stories, from protests in Tahrir Square to the impact of Hurricane Irene. For our one and only best-of 2011 project, we want to collect the year's best pictures -- that are sitting on your cell phone. Upload them here - we'll make a highlight slideshow of our favorites!

And, no, Anthony Weiner is not eligible.

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