Songs of Snow and Ice

Snow on top of the chess tables at Tompkins Square Park in the East Village

This New Sounds program gets all close and personal with the cold and the white, with the "Icy Sleeves of Green" by Todd Reynolds, and some songs from Kate Bush's most recent record, "50 Words for Snow."  We'll hear songs about melting snowflakes and icicles, soundscapes evoking the blindingly white and bleak, and other works to paint wintry portraits of powdery drifts or stark frozen mountains. 

PROGRAM # 3284, Snow & Ice  (First aired on 12/23/2011)                                                        





Todd Reynolds


Icy Sleeves of Green [5:11]

Innova 741

Phil Kline, feat. Ethel & Lionheart

John the Revelator

Phil Kline: The Snow Fell [3:22]

Cantaloupe Music 21047

Ryuichi Sakamoto

Playing the piano / out of noise Deluxe edition

ice [3:34]

Decca 2717100

Musica Intima

Into Light

Bruce Sled: Ice [3:58]

Atma 2613


Foreign Landscapes

Snow [5:53]

Fat Cat cd13-12

Bell Orchestre 

As Seen Through Windows

Icicles - Bicycles [6:14]

Arts and Crafts A&C041

Kate Bush

50 Words for Snow

50 Words for Snow [8:26]

Noble & Brite FPCD 007
or download from, iTunes or

Dustin O’Halloran


Snow + Light [6:34]

Available at or download from

ACME  (The American Contemporary Music Ensemble)

Live at LPR 3/14/10

John Luther Adams: In a Treeless Place, Only Snow, excerpt [5:11]

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