New Nets Announcer Reveals Signature Catch Phrase

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When the New Jersey Nets move to Brooklyn's Barclays Center next season, they'll have one of borough's own baritones giving the play-by-play.

David Diamante, 40, a boxing announcer and owner of a cigar bar in Fort Greene, was recently chosen to be the basketball team's official voice.  

"I love to convey passion," he said.

According to Diamante, articulating the play-by-play is only part of an announcer's job. In fact, he already has a catch phrase he plans to use before the tip off to quiet the crowd and draw their attention back to center court: "And now, ladies and gentlemen, from the four corners of the world to the four corners of this court here at Barclays Center, the game starts now."

Diamante said he plans to "keep it real" for the fans by not exaggerating the emotion and excitement of the game.

"You don't want to fake the funk," he said.

Diamante started announcing last week with a game between the Knicks and the Nets. He describes himself as a "sports freak" and calls the announcing gig his dream job.