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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Aerial Rendering of New Cornell University-Technion Applied Sciences Campus on Roosevelt Island. (nycmayorsoffice/flickr)

The GOP field is preparing for the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary. Andrew Smith of the University of New Hampshire Survey Center and Steffen Schmidt, professor at Iowa State University, explain the ground game in those states. Then: Bob Garfield of On the Media explains how Lowes is facing criticism for pulling their ads from a t.v. show about Muslim-Americans; the fight over the payroll tax holiday; and a sister discusses the trauma of her brother's hands at the hands of the police.

Inside Iowa and New Hampshire

Andrew Smith, professor of politcal science at the University of New Hampshire and director of its Survey Center, and Steffen Schmidt, professor at Iowa State University, discuss how Iowa is gearing up for the GOP caucus. 

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Lowes, All-American Muslim and Boycotts

Lowes pulls their ads from the show All-American Muslim after pressure from anti-Islam groups. Now the chain is facing criticism. Bob Garfield, host of On the Media and author of The Chaos Scenario, discusses the controversy.

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After Darrell

Through writing her memoir Brothers (and Me): A Memoir of Loving and Giving, former Washington Post columnist and author Donna Britt came to understand how the trauma of her brother's death at the hands of the police influenced her. 

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Payroll Tax Fight in Congress

Politico congressional reporter Manu Raju discusses what's at issue with the fight in Congress over the payroll tax holiday. 

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Science Campus Winner

Dan Huttenlocher, dean of the Cornell computing and information science department, talks about Cornell University and Israel's Technicon winning a competition to open a science and engineering school on NYC's Roosevelt Island.

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Open Phones: Your Political Gifts

Both the GOP and Democrats are selling holiday gifts online (how about a GOP Christmas ornament?) -- are you buying a politically-themed gift this month? Give us a call 212-433-9692 and tell us about what you're wrapping.

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