Fight Over Extending Payroll Tax Cut Flares Up Again

Monday, December 19, 2011


House Republicans are rejecting a bipartisan compromise approved overwhelmingly by the Senate Saturday. The deal would have extended the payroll tax holiday and unemployment benefits through February.

Source: NPR


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You have to wonder just how stupid the American voters are. They elected the current collection of crackpots and kooks. And their opinion of Congress is that they don’t approve of their performance. And I don’t mean just a little bit don’t approve. The public doesn’t approve by an overwhelming majority so large that it is inconceivable that they could win a re-election if they were running against a brick or even unopposed. But as much as the public doesn’t approve of Congress, they will blame the failure, the stupidity, the incomprehensible ineptitude, and the disingenuous disregard for the nations’ interests on every other politician but their own. This of course is a reflection of the intellectual deficiency of the electorate. If Congress were seen as just slightly out of favored or regard then the odds would be perhaps good enough to let a large segment of the voters to be satisfied with their man/woman. However when the disaffection and dislike of Congress reaches the extremes of negativity that this Congress has achieved (never has the work ‘achieved’ been used in a context where its generally positive connotation is so inappropriate) there is such a small likelihood that their representative is not part of the tainting malodorous cancer on the legislative body that they have certainly elected from amongst their best and brightest; and that is absolutely a blight upon our nation.

This Congressional cesspool of closed-minded cretins has yet again managed to demonstrate their ineffectiveness in handling an issue that the majority of voters are clearly eager to have them support. The voters may or may not be right on the issue, but their politicians are fighting over the question of whether the issue should be addressed on a longer-term basis or just ‘kicked down the road’ a couple of months. The net result of their grand strategy is to ‘not kick the can at all’. Rather than vote for it or against it, they are voting to do nothing because they want to do it differently. Of course, they are not actually doing anything.

If Congress is satisfying only one in ten people then the voters should have a simple and obvious strategy that they should follow. Voters should tell pollsters, reporters, campaign supporters, candidates, and everyone that they can what they will do in the next election. If you want to get an effective and engaged Congress then you have to put people in office that are smart enough to take steps to address the nation’s problem. Voters cannot return representative who only engage in obstructionism for no better reason than that they are against the person or party that is proposing the legislative action.

[Rest of article is available from now4yourconsideration's blog

Dec. 20 2011 12:12 AM

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