Gig Alert: The Suzan

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The Suzan
"Come Come"
Playing Thursday at
Big Snow Buffalo Lounge (89 Varet St, between Graham Ave. and Humboldt St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
Get: Tickets at the Door ($7) | Directions

Psychedelic garage rock meets new wave in the music of The Suzan. The all-girl group was formed in Tokyo, Japan in 2004 when Rie Suzuki started playing keyboard with her sister, Saori Suzuki, who sings and also plays guitar. The group's drummer, Nico, who knew Saori from high school, joined them, followed by bass player Ikue a few years later. The band name The Suzan, comes from the sisters' childhood nickname for their last name, Suzuki.

After Bjorn Yttling, from the Swedish band Peter Bjorn and John, came across The Suzan on MySpace, he emailed the girls about working together. Now the girls have a full-length album out on Fool's Gold/Downtown Records called Golden Week For The Poco Poco Beat, and are based in Harlem.

The Suzan plays with Field Mouse, Speedy Ortiz and Me & Mars at Big Snow Buffalo Lounge in Brooklyn on Thursday night. Download the group's catchy, danceable number "Come Come" above or check out the kaleidoscopic video for the song "Home" below.