#2230: New Music for Hanukkah

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On this edition of New Sounds, there’s new music for Hanukkah, featuring the Klezmatics, the Abayudaya project of Jewish music from Uganda, music by accordionist Ted Reichman, and more. Hear selections from a unique collection of African-Jewish music, rooted in local Ugandan music and infused with rich choral singing, Afro-pop, and traditional drumming with song texts in Hebrew, English, and several Ugandan languages.

Also on the show are the unpredictable, yet groovy sounds of Ted Reichman’s latest project, “Émigré”, where zithers meet laptops and banjos meet the TR-808. Together with Mark Stewart, Doug Wieselman, Roberto Rodriguez, and many other “usual suspects,” the downtown accordionist paints a moody musical portrait of the photographer André Kertész on this record. Plus, Hanukkah music by the Klezmatics.

PROGRAM #2230, New Music for Hanukkah (First aired on Thurs., 12/18/03)






Music From The Jewish People of Uganda

Psalm 136 [3:30]
Hiwumbe Awumbe [2:30]

Smithsonian Folkways #40504** www.folkways.si.edu

Richard Kaplan

Life of the Worlds - Journey in Jewish Sacred Music

Navah Tehila [3:30]
Eyn Keloheynu [3:30]
Modeh Ani [3:00]

Five Souls Music #510 www.kaplanmusic.com

The Klezmatics

Live, WNYC 12/15/03

Lolly Lo [3:30]

Not commercially available. For further info on the Klezmatics, go to www.klezmatics.com/

Ted Reichman


Nepliget [4:00]
Dunaharaszti [4:30]

Tzadik #7182 www.tzadik.com

Andy Statman

Avodas ha-Levi: archival recordings from the 1990s

Forshpiel [1:00]

Tzadik #8101 a href="http://www.tzadik.com/" target="_blank">www.tzadik.com

Various artists

Festival of Light 2

Frank London: Song of Praise [5:30]
Continuo: La Mujer De Terah [5:00]

Six Degrees #657036-1018** www.sixdegreesrecords.com*

Kol Uod Tof


Tell My Beloved [3:00]

Info at scana@barak-online.net