Rumi Songs


Experience musical settings of texts by the great Persian poet and mystic Jalalladin Rumi on this, his death date. From the order of dervishes he founded – the Mevlevi Dervishes – to a modern setting by Philip Glass and a Rumi-inspired song by Rickie Lee Jones, we’ll hear a broad range of responses to Rumi’s poetry.

Listen to music from trumpeter Jon Hassell’s Rumi-inspired "Last night the moon came dropping its clothes in the street," along with something from Iranian-born singer Sussan Deyhim. Plus, there’s music from the Prana Trio, composer Douglas Cuomo, and the choir Chanticleer.

PROGRAM # 3017 Rumi Songs (First aired on Thurs. 12/17/09)






Songs of the Enchanted

Zar Baram, excerpt [2:00]

X Dot 25 Productions PM2003-2

Jon Hassell

Last night the moon came dropping its clothes in the street

Last night the moon came [11:15]

ECM 2077

Sussan Deyhim

Madman of God

The Candle And The Moth [5:09]

Crammed craw 22

Prana Trio

The Singing Image of Fire

Out Beyond Ideas [2:09]

Circavision Productions

Rickie Lee Jones

Balm in Gilead

His Jeweled Floor [6:32]

Fantasy FAN-31760


And on Earth, Peace

Kamran Ince: (Gloria) Everywhere [12:45]

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Philip Glass

Symphony No.5 'Requiem, Bardo, Nirmanakaya’

Symphony No. 5: V. Love and Joy [8:23]

Nonesuch 79618

Christopher Theofanidis

Music Of Del Tredici, Theofanidis, And Bernstein

The Here and Now, excerpt (Rumi) [4:21]

Telarc 80638