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New Sounds Listener Poll 2011

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This is the 2011 New Sounds Listener Poll from WNYC, New York Public Radio.

We are just about 86% sure that this is the 26th annual such poll. Then again, it just might be the 27th.  The rules are simple: choose 5 (five) entries, released in 2011 (and preferably aired on New Sounds.)  To have your vote count, choose at least one release, but no more than five. One submission per person, please.


John Schaefer's own highly-opinionated best-of 2011 list airs at 11PM on Jan. 11, 2012.
The Listener Poll closes at 12 noon E.S.T. on 1/12/12.  Listen to the results of the poll at 11PM on Jan. 12, 2012.