Manhattan DA Rips Conceal and Carry Laws After Officer's Shooting Death

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Manhattan District Attorney spoke out against a proposal that would require New York to adopt conceal and carry laws — invoking the name of Officer Peter Figoski who died at the hands of an illegal gun this week.

Speaking at a City Council hearing on Thursday, Cy Vance, the district attorney, said honoring the proposal would permit gun-toting criminals from other states to "stroll through Times Square," and kill dozens.

"It opens up the floodgate," said Cy Vance, the district attorney of Manhattan, during a City Council hearing on Thursday.

Peter Vallone Jr, who chaired the hearing, agreed with the DA, saying this is "not rural Texas."

City Council Dan Halloran, the lone Republican in the room, sparred with Vance and others over HR 822 and said "an armed society is a polite society," pointing to Texas and Florida, which have looser gun control lows.


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Zombie from South Florida

I want to say that the Republican is an idiot if he gave the argument of "an armed society is a polite society". Such an argument never works because yes even Texas (and my state of Florida) have violent crimes committed on a daily business. No different then New York. That saying should be banned from the lips of gun rights supporters.

What the Republican guy should have done was pointed out to Cy Vance that the criminal in question had a long history of violent acts, would never be allowed to carry a gun in any state due to his history, would never get a concealed weapons license in any state that issues such a license, and was out in the city killing Officer Figoski because Cy Vance's DA office along with an idiot judge allowed this criminal to go free.

The Republican should have pointed out that Cy Vance and that judge both have the blood of Officer Figoski on their hands. He should also have demanded the judge and Cy Vance's resignation.

You can not defeat a liberal with weak arguments such as "an armed society is a polite society". You defeat them with logic and facts.

Dec. 26 2011 03:30 AM

This is absurd, and typical of the "gun control" goon squad. The citizens of NYC are not allowed to get a conceal carry permit. The bastard who killed that officer WAS NOT a permit holder.

So how does a carry permit play into this?

It doesn't.

Mr. Vance, if you had any shame in the first place, you should be feeling it right now. Exploiting an officer's death to push your political agenda, you're disgusting.

"This isn't rural Texas." Boy, ain't that the truth. Here, the criminals actually have something to be afraid of.

This is a formal invitation to Cy Vance. Come on down to Texas friend, you and I can have a nice long chat about the evils of issuing permits to law abiding citizens who have undergone an FBI-run background check.

Dec. 24 2011 06:39 PM
Observer from upstate.

Reports of these specific statements by Vance, should surprise few. Even with taking into account the difference in mindset between gun-shy NYC and the rest of the state, and then the rest of the country, his statements are ignorant, without merit, and reek of pandering.

Where is the outrage at the system that allowed a known criminal, wanted in another state to be released by a judge, only for use to be told "the judge could not do anything".

Can we begin to surmise the ferocity and volume of the fecal hurricane, if this scrote (Lamont Pride) had been able to purchase a handgun from a licensed gun dealer, if when the background check was done, there was a clear indication the fellow was a felon in NC?

Except for the rarest of exceptions, felons in any state are barred from possessing handguns in every state of the nation. It is incomprehensible that a felon, or someone fleeing from another jurisdiction is allowed to extricate himself from the confines of detention.

If anything here has a stinking black eye Mr. Vance, it is your vaunted hollow framework of the "legal system".

Dec. 23 2011 08:59 PM

Even if you are for, or against, gun control, Mr. Vance's comments are nonsensical regarding HR 822. Every state which issues HCP/CCW permits require the applicant to pass an FBI background check before a permit is issued. Because of this, permit holders are among the most "law abiding" demographic in the US (including the demographic of law enforcement) - and therefore are not going to be "criminals from other states walking around Times Square".

Mr. Vance refers to the death of a law enforcement officer who was killed by an "illegal" firearm. Lamont Pride did not have a carry permit and was in the process of assault and robbery when he murdered Officer Peter Figoski. Pride has a history of criminal activity relating to drugs (NYC) and assault with a deadly weapon (North Carolina). Ironically, the Brooklyn DA freed Pride (on pending drug charges) shortly before incident where Pride murdered Officer Figoski.

If the DA had kept Pride in jail - Officer Figoski would still be alive today. One might have to ask - who is likely to be greater danger to society: (1) a person who has passed an FBI background check and is among the most "law abiding" demographic or (2) a DA who lets repeat offenders with a history of assault with a deadly weapon back on the street?

Dec. 23 2011 03:48 PM
Jared Alessandroni from Manhattan

The reason for gun control laws is not just to ensure that those who follow the laws don't get them when they shouldn't. The people who get them illegally usually get them from people who got them legally - and controlling the indirect sale of firearms is a goal that has worked here and elsewhere. It has worked here - we have very low crime for a city of our size. Comparing us to El Paso, which even as a county has less than 1/10th of our population, is not reasonable. The per 100,000 murder rate is higher, the incarceration rate is way higher - in fact, there is not one measure by which Texas performs better in a good way. I don't even care to argue that the gun laws make crime lower in New York, or the lowest, with the most gun laws, in New England. It's not the point - because we as a state have been successful - more successful - with crime than they have, so we get to keep doing what we do - their kind of polite doesn't impress us.

Dec. 18 2011 01:38 PM
E. Zach Lee-Wright from Free Town, USA

Vance needs to consider the reality of concealed carry in America. In 2010 Washington DC had twenty seven times more murders than the larger city of El Paso, Texas. DC has the tightest gun control laws of any American city. El Paso, not so much. When a community reaches the point of five percent of citizens having carry permits criminals realize it is time to watch out for what might kill them. All of the citizens then benefit from the uncertainty of who is armed. Control freaks like Bloomberg and Vance cannot handle the truth.

Dec. 16 2011 10:09 PM
LarryArnold from Texas CHL instructor

Two officers murdered in "gun-free" zones this month, and legal concealed carry is the problem?


(this is "not rural Texas.")

That's a bug, not a feature.

Dec. 16 2011 09:22 PM
Schlizie from Pelham, NY

Anti-gun avocates have a way of ignoring facts, especially when they are so intent on keeping their opinion in front even when the truth is glaring in their face. States that allow concealed carry have less crime.and that includes rape,theft, burglary and on and on. The fact is "MORE GUNS, LESS CRIME"

Dec. 16 2011 08:24 PM
Mike B

" the hands of an illegal gun this week."

When did guns grow hands? Did I miss something?

Dec. 16 2011 05:36 PM
ExNuke from Never again NYC

This DA is obviously owned by Bloomberg and playing Judas Goat for him. He isn't allowed to have an opinion of his own with any basis in reality if he wants to keep making his house payment.

Dec. 16 2011 02:14 PM
Greg from Putnam

With all due respect to DA Vance he's dead wrong on this issue. Out of state criminals don't need a license to carry in NYC, they do it anyway without his permission. The man is either ignorant to what actually goes on in Manhattan, or he's just blinded by his personal politics.

Dec. 16 2011 11:31 AM
jack burton from Chicago

Example #1 of why there can be no real dialogue with anti-gunners about the real carnage that criminals do. People such as Vance have no real desire to do anything other than lie and demagogue about the issue.

Dec. 16 2011 10:24 AM

Lamont Pride was a career felon with outstanding warrants, who was release without bond by Judge Evelyn Laporte a month prior. He and his group went out to rob a drug dealer. It seems to me that NY needs less gun control laws and more criminal control laws.

Dec. 16 2011 07:55 AM
JRC from NY

This is just another example of anti-gun politicians using a tragic incident to further their agenda.
It is truly disgusting that they are using a slain officer as a vehicle for their propaganda.
When will they ever rail against the real criminals and the laws on the books that are broken and plead down everyday, instead of continuously confining the law abiding?

Dec. 16 2011 07:04 AM

I believe Officer Figoski was killed by men with records of prior arrests, and with an illegal gun.

Conceal and carry laws only address legal guns owned by licensed gun owners whom also have a conceal and carry license. So far as I know, there is no evidence that such laws "open the floodgates" for criminals to carry guns, or for people to carry and conceal guns without a permit to do so.

Rather, the law is meant to provide law-abiding citizens the means to carry their concealed firearms on their person, legally, for the purpose of self-defense.

It's a safe assumption - but not a guarantee (due to instances of lax enforcement or bad record-keeping) - that the men involved in the murder of Officer Figoski would not have a license to carry guns legally.

In this instance, they carried guns illegally. Such a person is decidedly unlikely to apply for a conceal and carry gun permit.

Bringing the name of the deceased officer into a policy decision like this is frankly, a baffling and emotionally manipulative non-starter.

Dec. 15 2011 09:54 PM

That figures this knuckle head would make such a comment...left wing ignorance! I don't know which of the great states he's taking about, but every state that I know of have strict concealed weapons permit guidelines to keep criminals acquiring a permit. I don't know the details of this officer's tragic death. But I'll bet you not one police officer in this country would have anything negative to say about having a lawfully armed citizen coming to his or her assistance and save his or her life, when a backup unit is not around...and you can take that to the bank! By the Mr. District Attorney, hard core criminals don't require permit to carry a concealed weapon. What planet are you from? Shame on you!! Oh, thought I'd mention this is coming from a 21 year veteran of Law Enforcement.

Dec. 15 2011 03:19 PM
Dale from Brooklyn, NY

I'm not necessarily a big gun support, but this sounds like rather alarmist, or F.U.D, or just plain BS. Nothing really stops a criminal now from walking through Times Square and shooting up people. If someone wants to do that, the last thing they are going to be concerned about is if they have legal permit to conceal a gun.

Dec. 15 2011 02:00 PM

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