Manhattan DA Rips Conceal and Carry Laws After Officer's Shooting Death

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The Manhattan District Attorney spoke out against a proposal that would require New York to adopt conceal and carry laws — invoking the name of Officer Peter Figoski who died at the hands of an illegal gun this week.

Speaking at a City Council hearing on Thursday, Cy Vance, the district attorney, said honoring the proposal would permit gun-toting criminals from other states to "stroll through Times Square," and kill dozens.

"It opens up the floodgate," said Cy Vance, the district attorney of Manhattan, during a City Council hearing on Thursday.

Peter Vallone Jr, who chaired the hearing, agreed with the DA, saying this is "not rural Texas."

City Council Dan Halloran, the lone Republican in the room, sparred with Vance and others over HR 822 and said "an armed society is a polite society," pointing to Texas and Florida, which have looser gun control lows.