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Tori Amos Gives New Twist To Christmas Carols

Like David Bowie, Bob Dylan and Judas Priest before her, Tori Amos now joins the ranks of unlikely musicians to take the leap into the holiday music market. These albums can walk a fine line between festive and cheesy. But her new release, Midwinter Graces, overhauls traditional carols in a way only Tori Amos knows how. [Note that we haven't come down on the festive v. cheesy debate. That's up to you!]

The album is "not just a Christmas album,"  Amos says. "It includes all kinds of beliefs." She wanted it to be "inclusive and not exclusive" when it comes to religion. 

And it's about 40-odd years in the making. As the daughter of Methodist minister, Amos grew up playing holiday carols at church.

Amos appeared live on Soundcheck, notably dressed, in her words, as "a very friendly Nutcracker." Watch her perform the song "Star of Wonder" live in the Jerome L. Greene Performance Space.