Lowe's Pulls Ads From Reality Show 'All-American Muslim'

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Last month The Takeaway discussed "All-American Muslim," TLC's latest reality show. In the month that the show has been on air, the Florida Family Association mounted a campaign against the program. Last week, one of the show's advertisers, Lowe's, announced that they would no longer run their ads on "All-American Muslim." "Lowe's has received a significant amount of communication on this program, from every perspective possible," the company's statement said. "Individuals and groups have strong political and societal views on this topic, and this program became a lightning rod for many of those views."

Sami Elmansoury serves on the Immigrant Rights Task Force of the Office of the Borough President of Manhattan. He started a petition to Lowe's, asking that the home-improvement company "stand up against the bigots of the anti-Islam/Islamophobia industry." Cindy Gallop, advertising consultant, also joins the program.