Gig Alert: Daniel Wohl

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Daniel Wohl
"323 (A Laurel Halo edit)"
Playing Tuesday night at Glasslands Gallery (289 Kent Ave., Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
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Paris-born composer Daniel Wohl has a knack for creating electroacoustic pieces that blur the line between electronic and acoustic instrumentation and seemingly melt both elements into a greater organic whole. His arrangements have been performed by the American Symphony Orchestra and NY Youth Symphony, among other ensembles, and have been played at numerous venues and festivals internationally, including at Carnegie Hall.

On Tuesday night at Glasslands Gallery, Wohl will perform an experimental multimedia piece called "Corps Exquis," which is inspired by the 1920s parlor game Exquisite Corpse. Wohl’s project is said to exist “at the intersection of video installation, rock concert, avant-garde cinema and experimental classical and electronic music.”

In the collaborative spirit of the Surrealists' round-robin, Laurel Halo, who did a special edit of Wohl's composition “323,” will also perform Tuesday night.

Download "323 (A Laurel Halo edit)" above and in the video below, watch the Ossia Symphony perform Wohl’s ASCAP Young Composers awardwinning piece “Glitch.”