Friday Follow: EU Deal, Putin Blames Clinton for Protests, Trump Debate

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Donald Trump promotes his new book "Time to Get Tough" on Fox & Friends with Steve Doocy.
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This week, the euro zone nations agreed to a pact to deal with the ongoing debt crisis, but the U.K. will not be taking part. Newt Gingrich's comments about child labor continued to dominate the headlines. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin accused U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of instigating protests over alleged voter fraud there. And Donald Trump once again became the focus of the Republican primary field as candidates slowly dropped out of a Newmax-sponsored debate he was to moderate.

Joining The Takeaway panel is Jeff Yang, writer of the Tao Jones column for The Wall Street Journal and blogger for WNYC's It’s a Free Country; Farai Chideya, journalist and blogger at; and Ron Christie, Republican political strategist, CEO of Christie Strategies, and former special assistant to President George W. Bush.