Trump Blows More Smoke About Presidential Bid, But is There a Fire?

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Donald Trump promotes his new book "Time to Get Tough" on Fox & Friends with Steve Doocy. (Getty)

A series of e-mails from the tax-exempt 527 group "Should Trump Run?" is attempting to stoke new speculation about—and donations to—another campaign for The Donald.

This is happening.

Despite being out of the race for over six months, and the fact that his original campaign was largely viewed as an unserious publicity ploy, and the fact that he's been threatening a real run for the White House for over a decade now without ever actually doing it, the political Trump is back in full force. He's moderating a Republican debate in Iowa at the end of December. On Monday, he made a public appearance with Newt Gingrich in New York City. Today sees the release of his new book Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again, which "Should Trump Run?" founder and The Donald's personal "pit bull" Michael Cohen calls "a very political book."

Would it surprise you to learn that "Should Trump Run?", an organization that lists its purpose as, "To explore the possibility/determine support and solicit funds to draft Donald J. Trump to run for President of the United States," only became a tax-exempt 527 organization in September, four months after Trump officially dropped out of the race?

Would it surprise you to learn that "Should Trump Run?" sent out an e-mail notifying recipients that Trump's new book was released today, and included an Amazon link to purchase it? 

Would it surprise you to learn that the e-mail was signed by Donald J. Trump? You know, the guy being "drafted" by the organization that was started by his right-hand man?

Could Trump be dangling a presidential run in an effort to sell books?

Still forthcoming is any evidence that this is not a publicity stunt or simply a means to fleece gullible donors. The IRS filing form submitted in September establishing the group as a 527 organization lists its e-mail address as "no@email". It is never explained how donating money to "Should Trump Run?" would help convince a man who boasts that he could privately finance a campaign backed by his $7 billion net worth.

The website itself looks like a Geocities holdover. Featuring almost nothing that could be mistaken for information, the most eye-catching aspect of the home page is its red, pulsating "DONATE NOW!" button. In the background, the Seal of the President of the United States, normally a perfect circle, appears as an oval for some reason.

You can "Send an email to Mr. Trump!" which is really just filling out a bunch of text fields and letting a few bits of personal information disappear into the ether. There is no contact information anywhere.

But if you donate, he might run! Maybe pick up his book, see if you like his ideas, and when you get tired of all the other Republicans, throw a few bucks Donald's way. If enough people come to the same conclusion, Donald will pore over the data from "Should Trump Run?" and make an informed decision about an independent candidacy. America can't wait for strong leadership. So how soon can we expect Trump to answer the call, assuming it comes?

Michael Cohen says that all the pieces are in place for a Trump run the minute he says the word. It's a decision that will come “in the first week in June.”

June. It is December. This is happening.


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Lord Howard Hurts from Sarasota, FL

I, for one, was a Trump fan, but when he stopped pressing the issue of the Obama birth certificate, I figured him just another Pretender. Now Trump is again expressing the view that maybe Obama is not qualified by the Constitution to be President. To me this "rings" of him being a "Cat's Paw" for Hillary Clinton rather than someone who is really interested in restoring this Nation to Greatness. But personally, I could vote Trump if he would just solidify his stand. This Nation needs a Warrior President, and Trump could fill the order. The Republican candidates are really "sissy boys" (I hold hope for Bachmann), and Trump could be just the person we need to deliver us from this Swamp of Corruption that we now wallow in. Donald Trump, declare yourself the Republican candidate and move forward. Debate Gingrich at "your" debate. Let the American people know that there is someone out there with the guts and determination to bring this Nation back from Socialism, and feel free to contact me for ideas.
Lord Howard Hurts

Dec. 11 2011 07:16 AM
clive betters

professional clown !!

Dec. 06 2011 03:56 PM
Brandt Hardin

Trump is a windbag and full of hot air… all that fuss and guffaw will drop like his blood pressure after a double-tap shotgun blast to the head. Watch him get his and see if that hair is even real when the guns come out on the Zombie Walk of Fame at

Dec. 06 2011 03:26 PM
wootendw from Chandler, AZ

I find it inconceivable that some Republicans could stoop so low as to consent to a debate monitored by Donald Trump who has a very nasty habit of engaging government authorities to use their eminent domain power to seize the homes and small businesses of people whose property Trump covets for his own development schemes. In the mid-1990's, for example, Trump and his gang engaged NJ authorities to seize the home of an elderly widow (Vera Coking) so that Trump could buy her property (cheap) for a limousine parking lot for one of his casinos. With the help of the Institute for Justice, Mrs. Trump was able to thwart Trump's attempted heist in court. But Trump has not given up. After trying a similar move in California that also failed in court, Trump and his gang are closing in the property of Scottish farmer Michael Forbes who stands to be evicted from his own home (along with his family) so that Scottish local authorities can usurp their land and give it to the Trump gang for a golf course. Nice guys.

Dec. 06 2011 03:11 PM

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