#3145: Osvaldo Golijov's Birthday Tribute

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For this New Sounds, we mark the birthday of the Argentinian-born American-based composer Osvaldo Golijov, who has -not once but twice- made John Schaefer's complete biased look at the top ten records of the past decades or so.  Golijov is an artist who is not afraid of unusual sound sources, both new and old, borrowing freely, incorporating electronics, hyperinstruments and/or processing, and he also plays well with others.

Listen to "La Pasión según San Marcos" (Passion According to St. Mark), a work that draws on Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music, a re-telling of the passion story.  Then there's also "K'Vakarat," which features a cantor, and draws from Golijov's Eastern-European Jewish upbringing.  We'll also hear other major works like "Ayre" and "Oceana," along with the piece called "Radio," commissioned by and written for WNYC.

PROGRAM #3145, Osvaldo Golijov’s 50th Birthday Tribute         (First aired on 12/05/2010)                                                





Kronos Quartet, Mikhail Alexandrovich, cantor

Night Prayers

K'vakarat [8:16]

Nonesuch 79346

Robert Spano, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra / Atlanta Symphony Chorus, Luciana Souza, vocalist

Osvaldo Golijov: Oceana

Osvaldo Golijov: Oceana- Call [3:29]
First Wave "Oceana nupcial, cadera de las islas” [1:29]

Deutsche Grammophon 4776426 www.deutschegrammophon.com

Dawn Upshaw, The Andalucian Dogs

Osvaldo Golijov: Ayre

Golijov: Ayre
 Mananita de San Juan (Morning of St. John's Day) [3:56]
Tancas Serradas a Muru (Walls are Encircling the Land) [2:57]

Ariadna en su Laberinto (Ariadne in Her Labyrinth) [9:15]

Deutsche Grammophon 4775414

Jeremy Flower, laptop, Michael Ward-Bergeman, hyperaccordian


Private Recording, WNYC Archives

Golijov: Radio [7:45]

This performance not commercially available.

Osvaldo Golijov
Biella Da Costa · Jessica Rivera
Reynaldo González-Fernández
Schola Cantorum de Venezuela
Orquesta La Pasión
Members of the Simón Bolívar
Youth Orchestra of Venezuela
María Guinand

La Pasión según San Marcos

Golijov: Kadish - La Pasión Según San Marcos [6:51]

Deutsche Grammophon 477 7461