Jurors in Seabrook Corruption Trial Wrap First Full Day of Deliberations

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The jury in Councilman Larry Seabrook's Federal corruption trial ended its first day of deliberations by sending a note out to trial Judge Patterson saying they were deadlocked on the first criminal count against the Bronx Council. That count relates to allegations Seabrook solicited $50,000 dollars from a contractor looking for work in the new Yankee Stadium.

The jury also asked for a long list of exhibits from the government's case. One of Seabrook's attorneys Ed Wilford told reporters that he was encouraged by the jury's attention to detail.

"Everytime the jury asks for information it is a sign they are paying attention and they want to take a closer examination at some of the documents the government just flashed up on the screen."

Judge Patterson told jurors to pick up deliberations on the dozen other counts next week and than return to the first count for further

Seabrook, a former Assemblyman and state Senator, is facing 12 counts of accepting corrupt payments, money laundering and fraud.

Judge Robert Patterson released to the press a list of exhibits the jury requested Thursday afternoon. The trial that entered its fourth week Monday.

Jurors wanted to see:

  • Seabrook's expense reports for his North East Bronx Community Democratic Club
  • Contributions to Seabrook's political club from Leon Eastmon, whom prosecutors allege paid Seabrook $50,000 as a bribe to get a boiler contract for the new Yankee Stadium. Eastmon has denied this.
  • Flyers for Christmas tree lighting ceremonies
  • Bank records from Seabrook's personal accounts
  • Seabrook's Conflict of Interest Board statement
  • Bank statement from Seabrook's African-American Unity Day Parade and Festival
  • Seabrook's American Express bill and re-imbursement for a trip to Washington, D.C.
  • Incorporation documents from the network on 501 C 3 non-profits that Seabrook set up and prosecutors allege he used as fronts to get more than $ 2 million City Council discretionary grant money
  • Testimony from Eastmond
  • Testimony of Tyrone Mitch Duren, who was the executive director of two of Seabrook's non-profits.
  • Seabrook's American Express Card monthly statements.