#453: Brass Ecstasy!

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From the New Sounds Live Concert Series, hear performances by the Les Miserables Brass Band and the World Saxophone Quartet.

PROGRAM #        453, From the New Sounds Live Concert Series (First aired on 3/8/1990)                                                  





Les Miserables Brass Band                             

Live, Merkin Hall, January 1990

T.T. {4:00}

Grdelicki Orijent {3:30} In The Future {5:00}
Jhanibar Di Panwan Chankar  {4:00}
Nyoro {2:00}
Manic Depression {6:30}

These performances not commercially available. Try Amazon.com, Emusic.com, or iTunes.  For information, write:  Les Misérables Brass Band
63 Gordon St.
Somerville, MA 02144

World Saxophone Quartet

Live, Merkin Hall, January 1990

Hattie Wall {2:00}
Ballad for The Black Man {3:30}
West African Snap {4:00}             

Metamorphosis {4:00}

Hattie Wall {2:00}


These performances not commercially available.  World Saxophone Quartet recordings available at Nonesuch: www.nonesuch.com