#2984: White Bone Country

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Composer Andrew Byrne, an Australian composer based in New York, joins John Schaefer to present the striking sounds of his musical landscapes for piano and percussion.  The record, "White Bone Country" - a poetic title that refers to the Australian outback - is a collection of pieces in the American experimental tradition of Cowell, Harrison, and John Luther Adams, including works for processed piano and small metal percussion and the sampled sounds of prepared piano.  We’ll sample some of these mega-toy instruments, drones, and other startling sounds on this New Sounds. 

Listen for another of Byrne’s works for piano four hands, with one pianist where one might expect - at the keyboard, but a percussionist plays the inside of the piano with mallets…

PROGRAM #2984, With Andrew Byrne (First aired on Wed. 9-23-09)





Andrew Byrne

White Bone Country

White Bone Country Part I: Desert Terrain for processed piano and percussion [5:29]
Part I: Desert Terrain for solo piano [3:56]
Part II: Desert Life for piano and gongs [2:38]
Part III: Desert Weather for piano inside and out [3:02]
Part III: Desert Weather for piano and crotales and glockenspiel [3:17]
Fata Morgana - Mirages on the Horizon: First Mirage [3:37],
Second Mirage [4:01]

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Peter Garland (Aki Takahashi, Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio)

Walk in Beauty

Walk in Beauty [3:45] Sonos de Flor V-VIII [7:59]

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