#3276: With Brian Eno

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Host John Schaefer celebrates his 30th Anniversary here at WNYC by way of an interview with Brian Eno on New Sounds.  In collaborating with a young British poet Rick Holland, for both “Drums Between the Bells,” and now most recently, “Panic of Looking” (Nov. 2011), Brian Eno has made the jump into spoken word, or more accurately, a collision between words and music.

Eno discusses how he worked to manipulate the words into a place between melody and speech, although his writing partner, Holland, is into sound as much as meaning, and never let one triumph at the expense of the other.  “Panic of Looking,” the title track, plays with repetition that wasn't in the original poem, which Eno says arose from a musical need.  There's also one instrumental piece on the record, which allows the very long title of the work to serve as text - "watch a single swallow in a thermal sky..."  Plus, he and Schaefer briefly touch on the idea of a composer as a gardener in the music that Eno creates, a la "Generative Music 1," his generative soundtrack to the forthcoming video game "Spore," or his latest audiovisual installation “77 Million Paintings."

PROGRAM # 3276, with Brian Eno  (First aired on 12/1/2011)                                                    







Brian Eno [1:00]

Columbia 45335
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Brian Eno/ Rick Holland

Drums Between the Bells

Seedpods [2:51]


Brian Eno/ Rick Holland

Panic of Looking

West Bay [2:34]
panic of looking [4:26]
in the future [2:10]

Warp Records  WAP322

Steve Reich


It’s Gonna Rain [1:00]

10 CD Box, Nonesuch #79451

Brian Eno

77 Million Paintings

77 Million Paintings, excerpt [3:00]

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Brian Eno/ Rick Holland

Panic of Looking

Watch A Single Swallow in a thermal sky, and try to fit its motion, or figure why it flies [3:16]

See above.

Brian Eno

Nerve Net

“The Roil, The Choke” [5:00]

Opal #4‑45033
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Brian Eno

Another Day on Earth

And then, so clear [5:52]

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Brian Eno

The Shutov Assembly

Lanzarote, excerpt [3:00]

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