Family of Heroes: Video Games for Veterans

Friday, December 02, 2011

Ron Goldman, Chief Executive Officer of Kognito, a developer of online role-playing simulations, and Ann Feder, a supervisor for mental health services for the regional VA, discuss the development of "Family of Heroes," a role-playing game that helps families and friends of returning veterans to adjust and recognize warning signs of PTSD. 

→ To learn more about "Family of Heroes" and to play the game, click here.


Ann Feder and Ron Goldman

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rose-ellen from rose-ellen

PTSD is a euphymism for anger at the fact they didn't have a green light to "turn the place into a parking lot" and kill all arabs. The media and politicians fed them such fantasies to get them to sign up after 9-11[though they never explicitly said it-they alluded to it] and once there these brainwashed soldiers were expected to flip--you're here cause you love these people so much you want to "free them"-so start building roads and schools. Of course this in addition to all the men women and children they WERE allowed to murder and or torture. When they return to the states-there is no satisfaction hearing that we're killing terrorists.They know a billion muslims are not going away in spite of the fantasies they had and in spite of the fact they did kill hundreds of thousands of them. They walk down a street and if they see someone in muslim garb they realize they'll be charged with a hate crime if they lay a hand on one. That's when they again realize they were manipulated by the goverrnment /media which fed them visions of genocide though the government had no such intentions. Tthey feel duped,frustrated and angry that they were played to get them to sign up for war. That is the source of their anger-not that they killed people but that they didn't have a green light to kill even more people then they did and that they were manipulated to want and to believe they would.

Dec. 05 2011 10:17 AM


Please can you look up Dr. David Feinstein, co-author of the Promise of Energy Psychology - he's been talking to leaders in DC about what is found to be the most effective treatment for PTSD - he would be a great interview on this subject. Other modalities (like talk therapy and maybe these (cognitive-behavioral?) video games can re-traumatize those with PTSD. David's is one of the mind-body-based approaches.

Dec. 03 2011 09:11 AM
Innocent Ndumele from NJ

This program will absolutely help bring about a desirable social change in the behavior of any one committed to harmony and family building. I plan to introduce it to veterans and families in our program.

Dec. 02 2011 04:14 PM
jgarbuz from Queens

Trauma is not something that one gets over, sometimes not even in a lifetime. I never realized until I was fairly old myself, that my mother was living in trauma all of her life from what had happened to her in the Holocaust. EVery combat soldier who has served in a combat zone, and had to deal with the constant, uninterrupted stress and fear of a bullet or a IED ending or crippling him or her at any instant, especially if they've seen buddies turned into a bloody smudge, feels something no regular civilian can feel It is neverending fear and stress, and it can take a lifetime, if ever, to escape from.

Dec. 02 2011 11:52 AM
The Truth from Becky

Veterans need formal "decompressing" and preparation to return to civilian life but an organized program provided by the government. This "ain't it!"

Dec. 02 2011 11:43 AM
Brenda from New York City

This sounds like a VERY effective tool for families and friends of veterans. I find it quite encouraging.

Dec. 02 2011 11:42 AM
jgarbuz from Queens

Video gaming is GREAT. Definitely something for unemployed and retired people to engage in. But I suspect that neither Brian nor Lenny are avid video game players, and it's probably a subject they don't know much about and hence cannot discuss knowledgeably about, we don't have the kind of reviews and discussons about the latest video games that we get ad nauseum about new movies, plays, books, et al. Too bad, because video games are the medium of choice for many in the 21st century.

Dec. 02 2011 11:41 AM

Wow... timing is so right. My loved one is coming back in January, and I have been wondering about this for months... now if only there were one that was not so heteronormative... :) but great resource nevertheless! thanks for sharing!

Dec. 02 2011 11:39 AM
Sophie from Poughkeepsie, NY

In addition to the stresses of war our veteran's have to deal with, they will have the added stress of coming back to no jobs and no income. Does this software help with that reality?

Dec. 02 2011 11:33 AM
Jenny from LES


You should be ashamed of yourself. Following an insanely uniformed show on Iran you roll-into something that is so disgustingly connected. Remember Iraq? We need computer games to help our broken troops?

Does WNYC want another war with Iran? A much bigger country.... how many people would die, how many families destroyed.

This is disgusting.

Dec. 02 2011 11:32 AM

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