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Friday, December 02, 2011

David Sangerchief Washington correspondent for The New York Times and a contributor to WNYC, talks about Iran and the rise of elected Islamist governments in North Africa.


David Sanger

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Salvatore Principato from greenwich village

uh! did your guest really say that Iran "came over the Iraqi border"? I think he needs to step back and bone up on his history, it was Iraq who invaded Iran that started the Iraq/Iran war

Dec. 04 2011 12:11 PM
Laila Poje from New York

Dear Mr. Lehrer,
Your conversation with David Sanger on Dec. 2, 2011 struck me as a rerun of the days before the invasion of Iraq. Mr. Sanger of the NY Times is clearly a neo-con peddling their talking points and preparing public opinion for another war in the Middle East (although doing it in a smarter way than his predecessor Judith Miller).
If Iran is a rogue state for developing nuclear technology, then what would one call its neighbor which is already sitting on a huge arsenal of ready nuclear weapons?
A lot has been said about Mr. Ahmadinejad’s alleged threat to Israel with nuclear weapons that Iran hasn’t yet developed, but we hear every day about preparations for a possible “preventive” attack on his country by Israel and/or its US ally, as if this were a natural or moral thing to do.
IAEA’s new report has been challenged by no less than the Intelligence- connected Seymour Hersh. Maybe it would be a good idea to have him on your program to reestablish some balance and rationality. Even in Israel recent polls show that there is no consensus on the “threat” from Iran, and all the former security chiefs (Mossad, etc.) are unenthusiastic about a strike on Iran, knowing the consequences of such folly. The US should not capitulate to Mr. Netanyahu’s pressures either. We have enough enemies in that part of the world thanks to our policies, and we do not need to make more of them. Of course, Iran would certainly retaliate in the oil fields in the region and maybe they would even close the Hormuz Strait with dire consequences for the world economy. This is a war that should not be fought or contemplated. It would be self-destructive. So, Mr. Lehrer, please do not make your program part of the neo-con propaganda machine. Sincerely, Laila Poje NYC

Dec. 04 2011 12:27 AM
Seth from UWS

"jgarbuz from Queens
Israel is a Jewish country."

Israel may be a "Jewish" country to you but the rest of us understand that plenty of people from other faiths and atheists live there.

It's never discussed but a one-state solution is the only way.

Dec. 02 2011 12:06 PM
Jenny from Jersey

Right on Steve!

Dec. 02 2011 12:04 PM
gary from queens

Thank you jgarbuz for explaining to Sanger and the caller why Iran is breaking international law: When you sign a treaty, you are bound by the treaty!! Duhhh!!

Here's another scenario for a nuclear armed Iran: They threaten Israel with it, if israel retaliates against Hezbollah rocket attacks.

Iranian leaders have already said that iran's destruction would be well worth it, if their bombs were able to destroy 6 million jews and the state of israel. and given israel's size, only one bomb would be necessary

Dec. 02 2011 11:53 AM

... Steve, too!!

Dec. 02 2011 11:42 AM
jgarbuz from Queens

Pakistan is a Muslim country. It did NOT signi the NPT, and therefore DOES have the right to have nukes. India is a Hindu country. It did NOT sign the NPT therefore DOES have the right to have nukes. Israel is a Jewish country. It did not sign the NPT therefore it too has the right to have nukes.

All other countries that DID sign the NPT, do NOT have the right to have nukes. Period.

Dec. 02 2011 11:34 AM
steve from Manhattan

With all due respect, Mr. Sanger, if you don't know why the US is obsessed with Iran's so-called nukes, then you're just one more talking head spewing the official propaganda. We all-too-well know the drum-beat sounds of creating war when no actual reason exists -- this is just WMDs all over again -- nothing has changed with US policy just because the President is from a different party. We want Iraq, we want Iran, we create a false pretext and we destroy them with impunity... Lovely example of freedom and democracy -- no wonder so much of the world looks at the US as more the problem then the solution.

Dec. 02 2011 11:29 AM
Sophie from Poughkeepsie, NY

@dboy, Hugh, Jenny, Sarah!

ditto: SICK of the saber rattling too!

Dec. 02 2011 11:28 AM

... ditto; Hugh, Jenny, Sarah!

SICK of the saber rattling!

Dec. 02 2011 11:25 AM
Amy from Manhattan

Is it up to Ahmedinejad whether Iran builds/uses nuclear weapons? I thought it was the ayatollahs who really hold the power there.

Dec. 02 2011 11:24 AM
Sarah from UWS

BRIAN!! STOP. You know for a FACT Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has zero control over the military and could not do such a thing. STOP fear-mongering.

Also is Israel has Nuclear Weapons you need to say that on behalf of WNYC. Because Israel denies it!

Dec. 02 2011 11:20 AM
Jenny from Jersey

Brian I'm just disgusted with this "new" drum beat to Iran.

It is physically impossible for Iran to hit the US with a nuclear weapon. We are not in danger.

Israel needs to defend herself. I'm sick of this crap. There is a whole world out there.

Dec. 02 2011 11:14 AM
Hugh Sansom

Mr. Lehrer left out the US drone attacks in Yemen (including assassinations) and Somalia, not to mention other acts of war elsewhere.

David Sanger is no source for news on this. He's another Times mouthpiece for neocons in the BushObama War Forever regime.

Dec. 02 2011 11:09 AM
gary from queens


I watched the Senate Foreign Relations hearing yesterday, chaired by Se. Kerry.

Undersecretaries of State Cohen and Sherman testified.

NO SENATOR asked the simple question:

"Will you permit Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon?"

Republican candidates for president can say "no way" to that question.

Why can't this administration utter those words too??

I think they ARE willing to live with a nuclear armed Iran.

Dec. 02 2011 10:37 AM

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