New Releases, November 2011


It's that time -the end of the month - so here's the November 2011 new releases show on New Sounds. John Schaefer has carefully sorted through the stacks, bins, and boatloads of new CDs which have come across his desk over the past month to present some of the finest new releases. Now, if only he could find the desk, which is approaching nearly 2/3 the height achieved back at the old office at Centre Street.  

Expect something new from Claudia Quintet & Theo Bleckmann, some Irish post-rock from 3epkano, and a new score by Frank London.  Plus, a new requiem from Gregory Spears, featuring vocal performances by members of both Anonymous 4 and Lionheart and something from Korean composer Chung Il-Ryun as well.

PROGRAM # 3275, November New Releases  (First aired on 11/30/2011)                                                





David Lang (feat. Andrew Zolinsky, piano)

This was written by hand

Memory Pieces: Cage [3:10]

Cantaloupe 21073

Will Martina

The Dam Levels

Instant This [7:19]

Claudia Quintet + Theo Bleckmann

What is the Beautiful?

The Snow Is Deep upon the Ground [7:54]

Cuneiform Rune 327

Gregory Spears (feat. members of Anonymous 4, Lionheart)


Prelude [4:03]

New Amsterdam 035


Hans the Reluctant Wolf Juggler

Cat Strings [4:55]

Smiling Politely Records SPR003

Frank London

Golem (score to Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theater Production)

Apples [3:26]

Carpe Diem Records CDR 019


New Deli

Jovanka [4:03]

Evergreene Music 005

David Van Tiegham

thrown for a loop

Frost palace [4:33]

Asian Art Ensemble


Chung Il-Ryun: KwangYa, 5 Korean Dances, #1  [2:51]

Celestial Harmonies 13291

Hildur Gudnadottir  

Without Sinking

Elevation [5:58]

Touch 070LP
double LP or Touch 070CD