State Lawmaker From Brooklyn Arrested on New Bribery Charges

A Democratic state lawmaker from Brooklyn has been arrested on bribery charges less than three weeks after being acquitted in another case.

Federal prosecutors say William Boyland Jr. allegedly accepted more than $250,000 in bribes, and he is expected to appear in court Tuesday. The Brooklyn lawmaker allegedly accepted more than $14,000 in bribes from a carnival promoter and two undercover FBI agents in exchange for help securing state approvals for their projects. 

In Boyland's alleged scheme, undercover agents were to buy a former hospital in his district, get state grants to renovate it and sell it to a non-profit that Boyland claimed to control.

"I got a middle guy by the way... I gotta stay clean... I gotta bag man," Boyland is quoted in the complaint telling an undercover agent.

Boyland's attorney, Richard Rosenberg, said he had would wait to see what the allegations are before commenting.

The authorities, from the U.S. attorney's office in Brooklyn, say the alleged actions took place over the past two years.

Three weeks ago, a Manhattan jury found the Brooklyn Democrat not guilty of charges alleging he took a no-show job in exchange for doing political favors for a corrupt hospital executive.

Boyland's attorneys argued that money the Assemblyman received from a hospital was legitimate consulting fees instead of bribes.

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