Larger Ensembles


For this edition of New Sounds, we'll listen to larger ensemble pieces with multiple soloists.  First off, from a 1976 orchestra piece, we'll hear "Runes" by Keith Jarrett, with Jan Garbarek on saxophone, Charlie Haden on bass, and the composer at the piano.  Then there's music by drummer/composer Alex Cline for a 6-12 member ensemble, featuring Jeff Gauthier on violin.  Plus music from a soundtrack to the Merchant of Venice by Jocelyn Pook, with countertenor Andreas Scholl, and more.

PROGRAM #2982, Large Ensembles, Multiple Soloists (First aired on Fri. 9-18-09)





Keith Jarrett Jan Garbarek, Charlie Haden & Radio Symphony Orchestra, Stuttgart

Arbour Zena

Runes [15:20]

ECM 1070

Jocelyn Pook, feat. Andreas Scholl, countertenor

The Merchant of Venice

Selections: How Sweet the Moonlight [4:30] Ghetto [2:00] Synagogue Cantors [1:30]

Decca #475 6367***

Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio


Suite Ninderli [8:07]

AP 001

Alex Cline Ensemble

The Constant Flame

Bridge [13:11] Evening Bell, excerpt [2:00]

Cryptogramophone 110