Braising Hell: Trying out Mayhem & Stout's Short Rib Sandwich

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mayhem & Stout's short rib sandwich with green harissa sauce and pickled cucumbers Mayhem & Stout's short rib sandwich with green harissa sauce and pickled cucumbers (Amy Eddings/WNYC)

There always seems to be a new vendor or two at Brooklyn's DeKalb Avenue Market, and yesterday, I discovered Mayhem & Stout, and their slow-cooked beef, pork and chicken sandwiches. It was their second weekend at the market.

Co-owners Jay Brown and Steve Applegate had me at "slow-cooked," but I was also drawn to their container — the vendors at the DeKalb Market sell their wares from converted shipping containers — and their inventive list of sauces and condiments.

On the sauce side of the white board, leaning under the order window: blueberry Sriacha. Basil oil, mango and whole grain dijon mustard. "Dragon sauce."

Among the "add-ons:" pickled onions, pickled apples, saffron radishes and fresh cranberry sauce.  

You pick your meat, and add sauces and add-ons to your heart's, and stomach's content.

The offerings are quite a departure for Brown, who dishes up crab cakes, salmon burgers, hush puppies and chicken gumbo at Ana Beall's Tea Room in Westfield, New Jersey during the week.

Choices, choices: Mayhem & Stout's sauce and pickled condiment selection."I love slow-braised everything," he said. "I like making a tough cut of meat really, really good."

I tried the short rib sandwich with green harissa sauce (described as "spinach and cilantro Middle Eastern pesto") and spicy cukes. The mix-up wasn't ideal -- the green harissa was too tame for the beef and the cucumbers could have been spicier -- but I'm coming back next Sunday to try again. The short ribs were meltingly tender, and I loved the roll. You know how you can have too much bread in a sandwich?  Mayhem & Stout's meat-to-bread ratio was just right.

The guys are happy to suggest combos.

Applegate's favorite is the short ribs with "dragon sauce" and pickled onions.

(Dragon Sauce is described as "Asian-inspired BBQ sauce with a kick." Brown said there were 37 ingredients in it, including chilis, garlic paste, sesame oil and fish sauce. It takes him a day to make.)

Brown suggests pork shoulder, red harissa sauce and basil oil.  

"It's what I had for breakfast this morning."

Steve Appleby, left, and Jay Brown, co-owners, high school chums.This is a new venture for the 28-year-old high school buddies. They said they're using their limited run at the DeKalb Market — which is weekends, through Christmas Eve — as a chance to work out the kinks in their operation. They're hoping to find a permanent home for Mayhem & Stout.

Find Mayhem & Stout at the Dekalb Avenue Market at the corner of DeKalb Ave. Extension and Willoughby Street in Downtown Brooklyn on Saturdays and Sundays, from 10 A.M. through 7 P.M., through Christmas Eve.

Above: High school chums and co-owners Steve Appleby and Jay Brown.


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Comments [2]

Allison Robicelli from Brooklyn, NY

Great article about two of my favorite guys in the world! I need to urge people to get the pickled onions on just about everything- I think about them at least once a day, regardless if I'm at our shop at DeKalb or not.

Also wanted to make an important correction: DeKalb Market is open seven days a week- NOT only on weekends as the article said. And it doesn't close Christmas Eve either- it should be open continuously through 2012, and very well into the end of 2013 when it's eventually dismantled to make was for CityPoint construction.

So if you work in the area, you NEED to go to Mayhem and Stout on your lunch break- far and away one of the best sandwiches you can grab in Downtown Brooklyn.

May. 11 2012 04:02 PM
patti agos

Congratulations , I'm proud of you and I wish your ny best friend , your grandmother was here to see your success!!

Love you,
Aunt Mare Mazz

Nov. 22 2011 06:38 PM

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