Gig Alert: Federico Aubele

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Federico Aubele
"No One"
Playing Thursday at Symphony Space
(2537 Broadway at 95th St., Upper West Side)
Get: Tickets ($30) | Directions

Layer smoky baritone vocals on top of Spanish guitar licks, electronic samples and backing beats and you'll get close to the music of Federico Aubele.

The Buenos Aires native was trained in formal music composition. But as the singer-songwriter writes on his Web site, he later got hooked on "Schoenberg's atonalism, Stockhausen's explorations in electroacoustic music and musique concrete, Ligeti's tone clusters."

Aubele plays Symphony Space on Wednesday night. The admission price for the concert includes a glass of wine. Download "No One," a track on his fourth studio album Berlin 13, above, or watch the video for the song below.