Gig Alert: Shaina Taub

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Shaina Taub
"Make A Mess"
Playing Tuesday at Joe's Pub
(425 Lafayette St., East Village, Manhattan NY)
Get: Tickets ($12) | Directions

Raised on the “Steves" (Sondheim and Wonder) in her native Vermont, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Shaina Taub’s infectious music does indeed have a Broadway-meets-Motown vibe. But there’s a little more there too. 

In “Make A Mess,” off the sassy chanteuse’s recently-released debut EP What Otters Do, there’s also a playful blend of Billy Joel's piano-driven pop, Aretha's soul and Regina Spektor’s whimsy. Taub's imaginative lyricism is all her own though. Few can get away with incorporating "swiffer" and "open sesame" into a song without entering spoof territory, but Taub clearly has creativity in spades.

Download “Make A Mess” above and see Shaina Taub (with a live band and gospel choir in tow) at Joe’s Pub on Tuesday night.