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Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans reflected in the Vietnam War Memorial (Zach Stern/flickr)

As new veterans return home from Iraq and Afghanistan, Mark Thompson of Time magazine discusses the civilian-military divide. Plus: George McGovern, former U.S. Senator and presidential candidate, talks about his new book on What it Means to Be a Democrat; cross-cultural miscommunication in the new play “Chinglish”; the tragedy of Flight 587 ten years after the crash and what it means for the Dominican community. Also: today is 11-11-11, a special day for corduroy lovers.

The Civilian-Military Divide

TIME Washington deputy bureau chief, Mark Thompson, discusses the civilian-military divide and how it plays out as new veterans return home. Matt Gallagher, senior writing manager at IAVA and an Iraq War veteran, joins the conversation. 

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Super Committee Countdown: Corporate Tax Rates

Adam Davidson, co-host of Planet Money and new columnist for the New York Times Magazine, discusses the role that corporate taxes play in the deficit negotiations.

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Ten Years Later: Flight 587

El Diario La Prensa reporter, Annie Correal, discusses the tenth anniversary of the tragedy of Flight 587, which crashed into the Rockaways on its way to the Dominican Republic in 2001. She is also a reporter for Feet in Two Worlds, and has reported on the anniversary there as well. 

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Corduroy Appreciation on 11/11/11

Founder and president of The Corduroy Appreciation Club, Miles Rohan, explains the special significance of today's date to his club, and how they're celebrating. 

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George McGovern (D)

George McGovern, former U.S. Senator and presidential candidate, and author of What It Means to Be a Democrat, makes his case for the Democratic Party to stick to its core principals.

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David Henry Hwang, playwright, and Jennifer Lim, actress, talk about cross-cultural miscommunication and Hwang's new play on Broadway, Chinglish.

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