Gig Alert: Dessa

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"Dixon's Girl"
Playing Saturday at Joe's Pub 
(425 Lafayette St., East Village, Manhattan)
Get: Tickets ($12) | Directions 

Dessa is the lone female member of the Minneapolis hip hop collective Doomtree, but it's not the only place the musician and spoken-word poet is unmatched. Dessa’s deft rap flow, vivid lyricism, and silky singing voice are unparalleled in indie rap. 

The lush acoustic instrumentation on Dessa's latest release Castor, The Twin imbues her music with a timeless quality. The bluesy single “Dixon’s Girl” (video below), for example, calls to mind a smoke-filled jazz club circa 1941 and an East Village gig circa 2011. 

Download "Dixon's Girl" and check out Dessa at Joe's Pub on Saturday night.