Temple Plot Case Should Be Tossed, Says Atty

Lawyers for a man accused of scheming to blow up New York City synagogues are asking a judge to throw out what they call an overblown case, according to papers filed in court Wednesday.

Ahmed Ferhani's attorneys said hate-crime charges and a rarely used state terrorism law have been misapplied. They allege police entrapment.

Prosecutors have until January to respond.

They've said Ferhani and co-defendant Mohamed Mamdouh told an undercover detective they wanted to strike a synagogue. They were arrested in May. Authorities said Ferhani bought guns, ammunition and an inert hand grenade in a sting.

Mamdouh's lawyer is expected to file papers Nov. 30 asking for his case to be dismissed.

The two have pleaded not guilty to charges including weapons possession as a terror crime