Local Elections and What They Mean for 2012

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Ohio voters await results on election night.
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Tuesday was Election Day across the country and voters in several states cast ballots on issues with national dimensions. Ohio voters struck down a law that restricts the collective bargaining rights of public workers. The landslide 62-38 result was setback for Republican Governor John Kasich, who implemented the law as a budget-cutting measure and campaigned across the state to prevent its defeat. Mississippi voters rejected the so-called "Personhood Amendment," which sought to outlaw abortions. In Arizona, voters defeated the main architect of that state's controversial immigration law.

Jordan Fabian, political editor at Univision, tells The Takeaway what Tuesday's results reveal about the temperature of the electorate heading into a presidential election year. Bill Cohen, statehouse reporter for Ohio Public Radio, discusses both Ohio's votes on the health care bill and the rejection of a key provision of Obama's health care legislation.