Gig Alert: The Features

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The Features
Playing Monday at Mercury Lounge
(217 E. Houston St., East Village)
Get: Tickets ($10) | Directions

Call The Features students of rock and you wouldn’t be wrong. In its music, the indie band meshes the classic rock of Led Zeppelin, the new wave quirk of Duran Duran and the down-home vibes of John Fogerty. The Nashville quintet began honing its unconventional sound almost 20 years ago -- back when its members were in middle school.

But The Features is more than the sum of its parts, and the band's influences have crystallized into a sound all its own. Take the upbeat “Content” (check out the video below), from the group’s new album Wilderness. The song's rapid-fire drumming, retro (and slightly eerie) keyboard work, and ominous vocals create its self-described "post-punk psychedelia from the heartland" feel.

Download "Content" above and catch The Features live at the Mercury Lounge on Monday night.