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Friday, November 04, 2011

A new report from the Citizens Crime Commission shows that NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau cannot live up to its responsibility to police the police department. The commission’s president, Richard Aborn, discusses why the oversight agency is failing to unearth officers’ wrongdoing—and what would improve the system. Plus: WNYC’s Ailsa Chang discusses the culture of the NYPD. And: Italy's role in the European debt crisis; Katori Hall and Kenny Leon talk about their Broadway show “Mountaintop;” population researcher Joel Cohen discusses hitting the 7 billion person mark; WNYC’s Charlie Herman on the jobs numbers; and how dictionaries are changing in the digital era.

Monthly Jobs Report

WNYC business and economics editor, Charlie Herman, talks about the latest jobs numbers and the Federal Reserve's announcement of bleaker economic projections.

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Italy Explained

Beppe Severgnini, author of Mamma Mia!: Berlusconi Explained for Posterity and Friends Abroad, and columnist for Corriere della Sera, Italy's largest daily paper, talks about Italy's politics and place in the European debt crisis.

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King on Broadway

Playwright Katori Hall discusses her play about Martin Luther King, Jr., The Mountaintop, now on Broadway. Director of The Mountaintop and Stick Fly, Kenny Leon, joins the conversation.

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7 Billion and Counting

Joel E. Cohen, mathematical biologist, head of the Laboratory of Populations at Rockefeller University and Columbia University, and author of How Many People Can the Earth Support?, talks about the implications of passing the 7-billion world population milestone. 

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Self-policing and the NYPD

WNYC reporter, Ailsa Chang, discusses developments in the ticket-fixing scandal involving several NYPD officers, and talks about the culture of the NYPD. Richard Aborn, president of the Citizens Crime Commission, discusses a study on oversight for other major police departments, and how misconduct is handled by agencies with subpoena power.

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Keeping Up With English

Executive editor of the American Heritage Dictionaries, Steve Kleinedler, talks about the new fifth edition and how dictionaries are changing in the digital era.

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