Open Phones: Still Without Power

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Listeners: has your power been out since Saturday? Call in and tell us how you've been coping. Who do you blame, and how is your community working through this? 

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Heidi from Easton, CT

Tried to call today to comment on something I noticed while checking the weather at NOAA. They have posted an air quality alert, due apparently in great part to an increase in wood burning stove use because of the power outages, in combination with very light winds. Climate change appears to have shown up on at our doorstep, not just in some far off part of the world we cannot see, but right here. I think many CT communities have found ways to help each other. It seems, however, too many of our politicians don't take our impact on the environment seriously. Do the homework.

Nov. 03 2011 05:58 PM
Paul from Mahwah

Power just came back on at 4:30pm Thursday Nov 3. So fast. What outage?

Nov. 03 2011 05:04 PM
Christine Brown from Millington, NJ

Our power was out from Saturday at 2 PM to Thursday at 7 AM. Luckily we have a nice neighbor who shared a cord from their generator and natural gas for hot water. Others were not so lucky and we offered our shower to them. And shame on whoever wrote in and said "oh just get a generator and just get an electrician to wire it into the house. Oh you try just doing that in the dark with no phone book, no internet and 600,000 thousand other people trying to do the same thing. As for blame, It is JCP &L all over again - same as Irene - no information and no work crews. We lost 4 days of school here because of dangling power lines.

Nov. 03 2011 02:30 PM
Ellen from Pound Ridge

Cuomo missing in action??

I am surprised no New Yorkers mentioned the lack of comment from the governor's office. The governors from Connecticut and new jersey have been blanketing the airways with updates on the situation. After declaring a state of emergency on Sunday, Governor Cuomo has been silent. I can tell you,New Yorkers are suffering, too.

Nov. 03 2011 01:38 PM
uscdadnyc from NYC

Prolonged Suburban Power Outages will all but "Kill" the use of All-Electric Cars outside of Cities (w/ underground cables). Best to get a Hybrid or a Car like the Chevy Volt which I believe has a Back-up Generator. Just something to think about.

Nov. 03 2011 12:10 PM

Can we discuss the irony in the fact that many of the people complaining about lack of power and lack of government response to their plights are those people in the 1% of the nation's wealth distribution (CT's Gold Coast dwellers, for example) who most loudly argue against government intervention (aka entitlement programs) for the 99% below them who they deem to be leeches? By all means, let's not increase taxes, let's limit government size and ability to assist people...unless, of course, those people are rich.

Nov. 03 2011 11:15 AM
Paul from Glen Cove

There is something wrong the callers story with the 2000 watt generator that has inside temps. of 55 degrees. a couple of electric heaters should bring inside temps. into the 60's. If power is a problem, turn the heat off while cycling the fridge.

Nov. 03 2011 10:56 AM
John A.

FYI a decent electrician could:
1:/ Flip off the mains breaker
2:/ Direct-wire a generator into select household zones
...and should be able to do so in around an hour.
Useful if you're going to be out for a few days or more.

Nov. 03 2011 10:54 AM
Eric from Northwest Connecticut

Why is the consistent focus on response? A few years ago, a downed line caused the entire Northeast to black out. Now we're dealing with the effects of an early wet snow downing lines.
What policy might we put in place to clear and maintain trees away from lines? It would create jobs too, no?

Nov. 03 2011 10:51 AM
Magda from New Providence, NJ

No power at my house in New Providence, NJ and no sight of a single crew working. Yesterday afternoon, the town of NP posted a list of dates for expected power restoration per street. Our street had a yesterday's date yet not a single crew came as of now. The lines are draped in the street. I left a message for the Town Clerk, who never called back. The neighboring towns, e.g. Summit had daily phone update broadcast to all residents and businesses. Summit also provided a warming and electronics charging place at a Middle School. Livingston offered similar services. New Providence has shown a negligent attitude. No updates, no help, no sign of advocating on the residents' behalf, save for that mockery list of streets with past dates for power being restored. Outrageous! Shame on them!

Nov. 03 2011 10:49 AM
Tara from Bronx

I grew up in rural upstate NY. My grandmother always insisted on having, a wood burning stove, non-perishable food, and knowledge of a near by clean & consistent water source. This was based on the needs she experienced as a constant in her youth. Thank you Grandma for instilling in me the understanding that it is best to always be as self sufficient as possible.

Nov. 03 2011 10:47 AM

Now you know how the people of Iraq felt after George Bush's Shock and Awe

Nov. 03 2011 10:46 AM
Barbara Fischer from Armonk

I am spending $10,000 to have a whole house propane generator installed to protect my extremely disabled husband who cannot just up and go to a hotel or even someone's house if we lose power. When we were adding a garage we had the power main moved there and Con Ed and the Town refused to allow the line to be installed underground, which would have been very easy to do at that time.

Nov. 03 2011 10:46 AM
mark from

just 1quick words.

had Irene not happened to take down all of the marginal branches. it would have been much much much worse.

ps . infrastructure. and spending...

not budget cuts.. .not deficit reductions...but massive public spending. .
see blog at sos-newdeal.blogspot. co.

Nov. 03 2011 10:45 AM
Lifetime Fitness member from Berkeley Heights, NJ Area

Lifetime Fitness in Berkeley Heights, NJ, a listed corporation that is a gym killer because it is so great, has also been a bit of a community center killer. Advertising and promotion replacing community bulletin boards, free advertising, events, etc.

But this storm brought out the best in Lifetime Fitness, I am happy to say. They have opened the doors to local people who need hot meals and to power up, and lots of folks have taken advantage of the pools, saunas, free babysitting, etc. Moving experience for workers and members alike and reminds folks of how good a commercial enterprise could be, if it tried. PS -- not bad for business either -- let's hope some commercial lessons are being learned!

Nov. 03 2011 10:44 AM
Debbie from Mendham

Shame on you Brian!!! Why are you fanning the flames of people's worst instincts? You keep saying "Who are you mad at?" ..... why? Many thousands are working hard to fix a complicated situation!!! Yes, it is cold in our houses, for the elderly or disabled this is a dangerous situation, but the rest of the world LIVES like this!!! How spoiled are we? Don't support the poor attitude.

Nov. 03 2011 10:40 AM
Meg from Stamford, CT

Talked to a CL&P person across the street yesterday, working on a downed live wire (though we all had power) and he said he was a Baltimore crew up in Stamford, CT to help with tree work. FYI (comment guest made about out of town crews)

Nov. 03 2011 10:40 AM
V from Springfield, NJ

I live in a condo complex. A tree took out wires that killed the all power to half to complex, and the boiler room. So, I have electricity, but no heat nor hot water. JCP&L said they can't get to us until Saturday. I plug in my heater and shower at the gym and friends houses. This sucks and I blame JCP&L for not acting more quickly.

Nov. 03 2011 10:37 AM
Manrico from Redding, CT

I heard that one reason for the delay on restoring the power has to do with our local power company (CL&P) not paying the line workers from Irene and having to find new help from further away.

Nov. 03 2011 10:36 AM
Karen from Chappaqua, NY

Hi, Bob; I'm from Chappaqua, too. We saw the trucks out on 117 last night. Our power went down on Saturday and -- lucky us -- came back on Monday afternoon.

Brian, many people w/o power can't call, because their phones aren't working (the cordless variety) and they can't charge their cell phones. My father-in-law is in his eighties; he and my husband's step-mom have had no power since Saturday. They live in Southbury, Ct.

Why can't the electric companies get their acts together? So the trees fell down -- so what? Everyone knows that the power lines are above grounds; the utility companies should be prepared for emergencies. This is the FOURTH TIME THIS YEAR that we in Chappaqua have lost power for an extended time. Even my smartphone can learn.

Nov. 03 2011 10:36 AM
Al Bomzer

Reside in New City (Rockland County) without powe since Saturday 3PM. Cold showers, no power, spoiled food. Deadlines passed for restoration. Basement flooded because no power to run the sump pump. This is on top of 3 1/2 days without power after Hurricane Irene two months ago.

Nov. 03 2011 10:35 AM
Joanne from Ridgefield CT

Ridgefield CT is completely shut down. Schools have been closed all week and are cancelled until Monday! No power since Saturday at 3pm. High school seniors unable to apply EA/ED.

Nov. 03 2011 10:34 AM
Bob from Chappaqua, NY

Haven't had power since Saturday afternoon. We didn't see any Con Ed crews on Sat. night or Sunday. And you don't see any crews working after the sun goes down. Con Ed gives no specific information when you call, and when they miss the estimated time of power restoration, they push it back another day. We miss Brooklyn - living in the woods is for furry animals.

Nov. 03 2011 10:08 AM

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