Trending Topics in Psychotherapy: Money and Career

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Nando Pelusi, contributing editor to Psychology Today magazine and a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice in New York City, kicks off this November series on therapy. This week: we take your calls on money and career. 


Nando Pelusi

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Greg caulfield

First about the storm my sister lost here power for two days . And then my Social Work tell me that It,s all my flat .

Nov. 03 2011 11:55 AM

for the caller or therapist that stated that police and firemen work so hard and get so little,he should check out the pay and retirement of these public employees.
in Yonkers. 10 retired at above 200,00 a year.
200k a year retirement and they still will get special deals cheaper than what i pay at the gym. There are many more that retire at over 100k a year. most are connected to public officials or old family cops. Since the police give courtesy passes for drunk driving and speeding among other things. . They will get the police job. The brown skin guy who gets a couple speeding tkts cant get on the police force

Nov. 03 2011 11:34 AM
Tony from Brooklyn

Slightly off topic, I think some people are misunderstanding the 1% definition. The anger is against the people making the rules and influencing the corporations and not necessarily against the guy who went to school and got a great job. Getting paid for your hard work is something we can all get behind but exploiting a company for 200x what the next person is getting is another. The helplessness we all feel is that the rules have changed and we are being penalized despite doing everything that was expected by us. I've put in nearly 20 years in my company, rose to the top of my field based on hard work and education but now I'm being told to give back everything while the top 1% of the company keeps awarding themselves huge bonuses often at the expense of myself AND the shareholders!

Nov. 03 2011 11:21 AM
Howard Kessler from NYC

I have done a 'sampling cartoon' on this topic at my website: Button scan down to the 21st image [seal "Supreme Court of the United Plutocracy" ... one dollar one vote.]

Nov. 03 2011 11:18 AM
MP from Brooklyn

I agree - the caller who thinks that the wealthiest in our society are the smartest, best educated, and hardest working is utterly delusional. That may be true of some, but I very much doubt it is the norm.

Nov. 03 2011 11:11 AM
Lynda Rath from Manhattan, UWS

Just heard the woman who called in re: her therapy discussions triggered by watching "Inside Job" and the struggles she has emotionally grappling with the grander scheme of behavior, life in this country, on this planet...and I wanted to say I have almost identical experiences with my therapist triggered by knowledge I've accumulated by watching/listening to the news, documentaries ("Inside Job" in particular), etc - it is very disturbing and discussing it in therapy is essential to living with all that's going on politically and economically, especially when you feel the responsibility one should feel simply by being a citizen in our society.

Nov. 03 2011 11:03 AM
Stefanie Weiss

I think the 1 percent are filled with sociopaths -- do a segment on that, please!

Nov. 03 2011 10:59 AM
Leah from Brooklyn

Can the doctor address the just-world fallacy David (the previous caller) is suffering from?

Nov. 03 2011 10:58 AM
Ron Sanecki

to get religious, the abuse of power is the biggest sin

Nov. 03 2011 10:58 AM

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