They’re Made Out of Meat

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We humans are pretty hot stuff — the most highly evolved species on the planet, or so we like to think. This parable by science-fiction writer Terry Bisson suggests otherwise. To some space aliens who think they’ve seen it all, we’re not just primitive. We’re gross.

Terry Bisson’s “They’re Made Out of Meat” was first published in Omni in 1991. Our version was performed by Miriam Tolan and Russ Armstrong; Jonathan Mitchell produced and directed.

Music Playlist

  1. Agnus Dei

    Artist: Soundtrack & Theme Orchestra
    Album: Friday the Thirteenth - Music from Horror & Mystic Movies
    Label: Countdown Media GmbH
  2. Sputnik

    Artist: Japancakes
    Album: Down the Elements
    Label: Kindercore Records
  3. A Pranzo Dalla Marches Durfe

    Artist: Creazioni Artisitiche Musicali C.A.M.
    Album: Il Casanova Di Federico Fellini
    Label: Silva America