A Long Trip Home: CNN's Mark Whitaker

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Mark Whitaker, executive vice president and managing editor of CNN Worldwide and now author of My Long Trip Home: A Family Memoir, talks about his childhood, explores his family history, and discusses how that history shaped his career path to CNN Worldwide.


Mark Whitaker

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Narcissism knows no bounds these days.


Nov. 02 2011 11:43 AM

Yet another snoozer of a bio.

Why are there SO many of them??

Just because you can, don't mean you should!!

Please... keep it to yourself.

Nov. 02 2011 11:41 AM
Priya from Brooklyn

Brian, I started listening to this segment in the middle of it. I am glad you asked Whittaker about diversity at CNN, specifically in primetime. But I find it slightly disingenuous due to the lack of diversity at WNYC itself, particularly on air. While this may be important and being dealt with behind the scenes the audience hears little about it.

Nov. 02 2011 11:26 AM
DarkSymbolist from NYC!

@ Harvey

Only if you are stuck on race. Seems to me the changing role of women and societal expectations was ultimately more relevant to the story (as presented in this interview anyway) than their race.

Which is 100% why any comparison to Obama's story is nothing but superficial. Brian was 100% right.

Nov. 02 2011 11:25 AM
Robert from NYC

So they replace Elliot Spitzer with that idiot from CNBC?!!!

Nov. 02 2011 11:25 AM
Leslie from LES

Well the BBC refers to our "journalists" as Newscasters.

Maybe if they really offered real journalists the public might bite. Fact is we never had that.

Nov. 02 2011 11:23 AM
Fuva from Harlemworld

But Becky, I think the Truth is that this is yet another superficial race discussion, of the kind that prevail today, that offer no substantial insight and, frankly, bore.

Nov. 02 2011 11:20 AM
harvey r neptune

does this not replicate familiar narrative of vulnerable white woman and dysfunctional black male?

Nov. 02 2011 11:19 AM
Wendy from Paramus,NJ

This is a great interview with Mark Whitaker. Thank you

Nov. 02 2011 11:17 AM

Web link above isn't working.

Nov. 02 2011 11:17 AM
The Truth from Becky

"superficial parallels"?? How rude Brian, how rude!

Nov. 02 2011 11:15 AM
john from office

Does anyone keep family issues to themselves any longer?? Why would anyone want to read family dirty laundry

Nov. 02 2011 11:14 AM
Robert from NYC

Can he fire Wolf Blitzer? I'd appreciate that.

Nov. 02 2011 11:08 AM
phoebe from bushwick

On Greece and global investments: Isn't the whole idea of investing in something taking a bet that it will be profitable? If that is the case, why is everyone so against allowing companies that made bad investments feel the pain. If the Greek people want to reject the bailout and pull out of the Euro zone, that is their choice; they live in a democracy. If that means that companies that invested in their bonds fail, that is what should happen. This is what investment means: risk. If I open a business and can't make a profit I must close my doors.

Nov. 02 2011 11:07 AM

Do you think Greece is at risk of a military coup?

Nov. 02 2011 11:02 AM

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