City, Feds Working on Master Plan for Jamaica Bay Clean Up

The U.S. Department of the Interior and the Bloomberg administration have agreed to come up with a master plan to improve the more than 10,000 acres of Jamaica in southern Brooklyn and Queens.

David Bragdon, the city's director of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability, said the goal is to give New Yorkers more options for recreation.

"More kayaking, more launch points, more access to the water for people. -- trails that would connect with each other across the different parcels," he said.

But Daniel Mundy of the environmental group Jamaica Bay Ecowatchers said officials also need to provide consistent information about the quality of the water in certain areas.

"Certain areas are approved for swimming,” he said. “They're approved for fishing. In some areas, you can take fish and eat them. In a lot of areas, you can't."

As part of the agreement, the US Environmental Protection Agency has agreed to prohibit boats from dumping sewage in most parts of the Bay.