#2972: Flowering Youth

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Listen to music by relative whippersnappers, as we serve up youth on this New Sounds program. We'll hear from Australian composer William Gardiner, just 22, who lives in Sydney.  His music, from a release called "Onliving," has a minimalist/post-minimalist/post-rock feel. 

Also, listen to something from "Speaks Volumes" by the New York-based Nico Muhly, who's worked with Philip Glass and Bjork, to name a few. There's also music from Dominic Frasca and Rich O'Meara.

PROGRAM # 2972, Flowering Youth (First aired on Wed. 8-26-09)





William Gardiner


The Loving Bells [2:01] Running [6:57]


Nico Muhly

Private CD

Beaming Music [8:45]

Not commercially available. Info and blog at http://nicomuhly.com

Rich O’Meara

Private CD

Island Spinning [5:08]

Not commercially available. Listen again at www.myspace.com/richomeara

Dominic Frasca


Forced Entry [8:25]

Cantaloupe Music 21032 www.cantaloupemusic.com

Anne Akiko Meyers | Li Jiana

Satoh Debussy Messiaen Takemitsu Ravel

Satoh: Birds in warped time II [10:24]

Avie Records 0024 www.avierecords.com

Steve Martland Band

Horses of Instruction

Steve Martland: Mr. Andrson’s Pavane [7:48]

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