Gig Alert: VV Brown

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V.V. Brown
Playing Tuesday at the Knitting Factory
(361 Metropolitan Ave., Williamsburg)
Get: Tickets ($15) | Directions

Make no mistake: V.V. Brown is a pop singer. But she’s the kind of pop singer who gives us hope for the future of the very idea of pop music.

The eccentric British singer has graced charts in the U.K. and nicked them in the U.S., but she’s resolutely gone her own way at every turn. She's cultivated a vintage, soul-inflected sound and eschewed the sexed-up image forced on many young pop singers in favor of a classy, retro look. Plus, she’s got more than just an impressive set of vocal pipes: Brown was a star student, and turned down a spot at Oxford to pursue her music career.

This song, “Children,” is the first single off of Brown’s upcoming 2012 sophomore album Lollipops & Politics. Over a spruced-up playground anthem, Brown shows off both her rich alto and fearless British drawl.

If you miss her Knitting Factory show, don't worry: VV Brown also plays Wednesday night at the Mercury Lounge.